* Simple - Simple - Simple!!! * 3 year free replacement

* Can be used for many years

* Biodegradable and nonpolluting

* Will not damage fabrics

* Use in salt water or fresh water * No chemicals

* Colors stay brighter longer

* Non toxic

* No more laundry soaps or softeners  Clothes are naturally softer and brighter Saves water - you can skip the rinse cycle

* This saves time and electricity

* It's a multi purpose thing * It's a spiritual thing


When the M-II Laundry Ball is not in the washer, you

will find yourself wanting to squeeze it, pitch it from

hand to hand, and roll it on your body. Have fun with

this product.

* Put the M-II Laundry Ball in the washing machine when water starts to flow.

* Keep the M-II Laundry Ball out of the dryer and away from the dog and cat.

The M-II Eloptic Energized Laundry Ball costs $52 This is only $1.44 per month for 3 years-After 3 years its FREE!

M-II Laundry & Therapeutic Ball contains: Miracle II Neutralizer and Miracle II Soap.

We have all heard negative reports from testing labs. Just use this Laundry Ball and you be the judge!!!


People roll the ball around on places that hurt and over the skin and under your

feet to massage the 15 feet of blood vessels under each square inch of your skin.

The pores of your skin and the millions of electrical cells that are in your body will

benefit from this. Just roll the M-II ball over your skin and scalp with a little gel

and you will know that this is a miraculous and supernatural product. I don't

know why God gave me the knowledge to put this product together, but he did.

If God tells you why, please let me know. I know Gods word says: He gives

secrets to the righteous. I choose to walk in this path, and I want to share

this with you.  A Servant of the Most High Clayton Tedeton

Attention Hunters:

For better hunting, wash your clothes with the M-II Laundry Ball, it removes all odors and leaves no detectable scents.

Washing clothes will never be the same after using the M-II Laundry Ball

Why not give a M-II Laundry & Therapeutic Ball to someone as a gift. They will thank you every time they use it!

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