My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. I want to pass on to you a thing that has been reported to me in the year 2000. Water: We have got to have to live and just about all of it has been contaminated, so they put Chlorine in the water supply. We know that more people would die without it, but be wise and put at least 2 carbon filters on your water lines. Drinking and bathing with chlorine and fluoride in it causes sickness in millions of people. These chemicals are very dangerous to consume, they increase absorption of aluminum from deodorants, toothpaste, and cooking pot and pans made of aluminum. This has been reported on many health news programs. Many people reported they put 1 oz. of the Miracle II Neutralizer in each gallon of water. This takes care of any problem. God has made it so simple at this time for us to de-chemicalize our life style. We have reports of healing from chronic gum infection, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia and colon problems. If you have a problem that is not on the pages of testimonies, just by doing this simple thing your health and life will change, you can only give Glory to God. People, please get this product knowledge to every handicapped person that you know. People have reported doing body wrap with the Miracle Gel and Neutralizer and on areas with pain.

Gad Garland: Reported adding 4 oz. of Miracle II Neutralizer to 25 gallons of water sprayed on grass per acre will make a cow gain 1.4 Ibs. per day more than on unsprayed grass, and said the grass had super natural growth.

Gilmer Lee: Reported 4 oz. of Miracle II soap and 4 oz. of Miracle II Neutralizer in 25 gallons of water per acre sprayed on land to detox the soil, this caused the ph to become perfect for plants. He had tomatoes to grow 20 foot long vines, produced all summer through many days that was over 100 degrees. He sprayed the plants with 2 oz. Neutralizer per gallon of water every 2 weeks for foliage feeding said he used the soap and Neutralizer for insect control and said all his skin cancers are gone, now that's a Miracle!

Al Alderman: Reports 1 gallon of Miracle II Neutralizer in one acre crawfish ponds made them grow double the normal size.

Attention: Farmers and Ranchers: I think God is trying to tell us something. "Check it Out" Roy Bonnett: Reported a little Miracle II Gel stopped the corrosion on his car battery post.

Willie: Reported years of heart problem, a clean body inside and out, now no more problems and no more medicine I think he has had a Naaman experience and he gives God the Glory!!!

Miracle II approved and Certified by God to be the only health soap made in this world, to clean your total body. A totally clean and balanced body maybe the only medicine you need for a healthy, prosper and exciting life. Miracle II is a product with an experience and opportunity for you, beyond your wildest imagination. God revealed it, anointed it, established and has proven it and we have 22 year's to back it up. He wants us to live in health and help others so he can prosper us. "How long Halt ye between two opinions" ? Gods revelation of health or mans program.

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