#1 -- Light Cleaning: Use this on glass, mirrors, countertops, stainless steel, refrigerators, fiberglass, leathers and plastic.

Miracle Soap... (1/8 oz) to 32 oz spray bottle.)

Note: Add water very slowly.

#2 -- Medium Cleaning

Dishes, floors, bathrooms, tile, cabinets, paneling, refrigerator, skin, carpet, spot remover, upholstery, stainless steel, fiberglass, automobile, mildew, soot on brick and stone.

Miracle II Soap -- Add 2 oz to 32 oz spray bottle.

#3 -- Heavy Cleaning

Floors, grease traps, drains, pots, pans, dishes hands, skins, ovens, glass fireplace doors, white sidewall tires, bad carpet stains, holding tanks on campers, clothes, wax stripper, steam cleaning, oil on carports, crazy glue cleanup.

Miracle II Soap--Add 4 oz to 32 oz spray bottle. :

Directions for Miracle II and Neutralizer

Use equal amounts of Neutralizer in all mixes.

Spray on strong odors such as foot skin, fish, seafood, onion, garlic, dog/cat, refrigerators, bathrooms, hunting clothes, holding tanks on bass boats and campers, odors in carpets -- and leave it on.

If you have the bottle of Miracle Neutralizer, put sprayer on bottle.

Miracle II Neutralizer has no cover up odor - just a clean no odor area. Oven cleaning:

Use #3 Heavy cleaning spray bottle. Heat oven to warm then turn off. Spray well. Let set for 2 to 3 hours or over night if possible. Just wipe away with cloth or sponge. You don't even need gloves!!! Can you believe cleaning an oven and getting a hand treatment at the same time?

Spot Cleaning:

Carpet: Use #2 Medium spray bottle. Spray spots; brush, then towel up. If stain has been on carpet for a long time, and it will not clean up this way, spray again and lay a damp cloth on the spot and leave over night. Spray and brush again and towel up. This will take care of 99% of your spots. Spots on Clothes:

Spray on and let stand for 2 hours before you put into washing machine. Use from 1/2 tp 1 oz Miracle Soap in machine. If the spot is on something you are wearing. Spray the spot and towel off. It will not burn the skin.

Wax Stripper:

Spray the #3 heavy cleaning soap on the dry floor. Let stand about 5 minutes. Then wet with water. Mop or use scrubber. Miracle Soap will not harm your "no wax" floors. Try and see the floor shine.

Washing Clothes:

Use 3/4 to 1 oz from the bottle. To soften and deodorize; add neutralizer (1 oz) from bottle.



Miracle II Soap - Add 1/4 oz to 32 oz spray bottle of water or 1 oz

per gallon.

Spray plant; If you see insects, spray extra. When washing vegetables in sink, add 1 oz Miracle Neutralizer to water. This will cause the parasites to be removed. For BEAN lovers: When you soak the beans - overnight, add 1 oz Neutralizer to the water. When you pre-boil for 15 minutes, add 1 oz neutralizer and drain. After that - cook. This will neutralize the gas that is in the beans.


Wasps - Roaches - Spiders - Water Bugs - Bees

Get a trigger sprayer. Put 1 oz Miracle Soap and fill with water. Spray insects. Everyone has reported great results. Everyone that uses Miracle II in a total cleanup said they stopped having bug problems in 30 days.

Fire Ants:

Put 1 oz Miracle II Soap Concentrate in one gallon of water or use your bath water. Stir ant bed up and pour the solution on them. If you will do this early and late - you will kill more of them. Everyone has reported great results.

Fleas and Ticks:

Shampoo dog and cat with Miracle Soap - rinse. Then spray Neutralizer and let dry. You will never use anything else. It will not hurt their eyes. Heals rashes, and cuts on dogs, cats and horses. Animal lovers you will love it!

Litter Box:

Spray with Miracle Neutralizer. This will take the odor away.

Auto and Trucks:

Use enough Miracle Soap in a pail until suds good. It will make the paint shine and you will get a skin treatment. Use about 1 oz from bottle in 5 gallon bucket.

Citric Trees Blight:

Spray Neutralizer on trees. Try this on any tree, bush, flower or garden plants. Add 2 oz. of Neutralizer per gallon of water, foliage feed, every 7 days for supernatural growth and production.

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