EASY TO USE. ..After bath or shower while body is still damp, simply apply Stone to areas that need protection, (in the same manner as you would use a roll-on). If body is dry, wet Stone with water then apply make sure the entire area is covered. Remember, the Deodorant Stone eliminates unpleasant odor-causing bacteria from forming. 

YES IT WORKS...This Deodorant Stone is the finest body deodorant on the market today. Your entire family will find this crystal stone to be the most effective deodorant they will ever use. Men, women and teens all love it! The Deodorant Stone is over 300% more effective than commercial deodorants, and yet it is also 100% pure and natural. The Deodorant Stone doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, perfumes, oils, emulsifiers, alcohol, or propellants. It is made from potassium sulfate and other mineral salts which are crystallized over a period of months, then hand shaped and smoothed. (It contains no aluminum chlorohydrate.) Our stone is not sticky or greasy, will not stain clothing, irritate your skin, or leak in your suitcase. It is the finest product on the market today and best of all. IT WORKS!

HOW IT WORKS...The Deodorant Stone is not a cover-up nor does it clog pores. The Deodorant Stone actually inhibits bacterial growth on your body. This bacterial growth is what causes body odor. So by eliminating this odor-causing bacteria, we have eliminated body odor. The Stone attacks the problem, not the results of the problem. The Stone does not have perfume that only covers one odor with another artificial odor like some sprays or powders. The Deodorant Stone leaves an invisible layer of protection that prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming and leaves you feeling fresh and clean all through the day.

ECONOMICAL.. .As if the mere fact that this is the finest deodorant available on the market today wasn't enough of a 'reason for you to buy, how about this. One of these Deodorant Stones lasts months, up to a year. For only pennies a day you receive maximum protection at a fraction of the cost of commercial deodorants.

HISTORY...It was from the beautiful Far East, from the Land of the King and I, that we found this marvelous and most effective Deodorant Crystal. It seems that for centuries the people from this far-away land have been using this pure and natural crystal as a body deodorant to help rid themselves of all body odors and to keep as fresh as the ocean breeze, The Stone is not a new-found discovery, but as old as life itself. Nature's basic ingredients provide these Asian people with protection from body odors. We now offer this same basic natural protection to you. Sometimes going back to basics is best. Once you try this Crystal Deodorant Stone, you will understand why people who use it. love it.

Good for your Health Good for the 'Environment

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